In light of recent concern over the spread of COVID-19 it is imperative that everyone practice good hygiene, cleanliness and strengthen their defenses against this virus. It has been said that we are at “war” with this virus, and within that construct I would like to explain how the human body can increase its defenses against a foreign invader such as COVID-19 through the use of medical adjustments.

The human body responds to viruses the same way the military responds to any security threat. It must be identified, targeted and contained in order to keep the enemy from spreading and growing stronger. The immune system within your body is made up of five key organs, these organs act as the “army generals,” and these organs are directed by the nervous system, which we can think of as “army intelligence.” The nervous system is protected by the bones in your spine, this protection is essential for keeping the lines of communication open to the organs that direct our immune response.

Antibodies and White Blood Cells can be considered the ”soldiers” or “boots on the ground” and when they get “good intelligence” they are efficient at identifying, targeting and containing the enemy, the virus.

So how does a medical adjustment directly affect immunity?

The spine becomes misaligned when the body is under stress, and right now each and every one of us are under a great deal of stress. These misalignments apply excessive pressure on the nervous system (army intelligence) which interferes with the line of communication from the generals (the five key organs) to the soldiers (white blood cells and antigens), thus weakening the ability of the entire army (your immune system) to fight off infection. 

The role of the medical adjustment is to remove the interference and restore the lines of communication in order for your defense system to identify, target and contain the threat.

It is stressed that these methods are for preventative purposes only in order to give your body the best chance of fighting off this virus naturally, just as your body does when coming in contact with the thousands of viruses, germs and bacteria it encounters every day. In the event you feel you are exhibiting symptoms such as dry cough, shortness of breath and fever it is imperative you get tested immediately.