Lane Splawn

Lane is the Director of Case Management at Palmetto Physical Medicine, where he acts as a liaison between provider and patient. He wears many hats as a cases manager, including performing the initial consultations for new patients, educating them on their exam and x-ray findings, going over treatment plan details along with a the patient’s insurance coverage.   He has a working knowledge of every aspect of PPM’s facility and treatments.

Lane started out as the Flow Manager when he first came to PPM.  Throughout his time, he worked his way up to becoming a case manager and, eventually, into his director role.  He loves building relationships with the patients that he sees every day and takes great pride in his small contribution to helping the patients and his community gain a higher quality of life.

Lane was born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina.  He wrestled for T.L. Hanna High School until he graduated in 2004 and was an assistant coach for his former team from 2004-2009.  His hobbies included flag football, tennis, kickball, golf… anything involving competition and the outdoors.  Little known fact, Lane spent a short period as an amateur mixed martial arts fighter.  He has been on a long hiatus and is, now, resuming his training at Electric City Mixed Martial Arts.