Elbow Pain Problems

Elbow pain is a common problem that is experienced by people of varying ages. This pain can begin after an injury, occur because of repetitive stress, or appear without a known cause. Whether the pain is from repetitive stress or an unknown cause, there are often several underlying similarities.

We will typically uncover some unknown ergonomic issues. It is truly amazing how small changes in the way we perform our daily tasks can make profound improvements in our health. We also tend to find muscle imbalances that cause increased stress on tendons and bursas along with biomechanical problems at the neck, wrist and shoulder. When these issues are addressed, tissue stress is reduced, and healing can begin.

Elbow Pain

Solution to Elbow Pain

Our solution to these conditions is to approach our patients from a holistic perspective. We will identify any ergonomic issues, muscle imbalances, or joint dysfunctions that may be the underlying cause of pain. This creates an environment for healing and the potential for a full return to normal activities.

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