• What symptoms first brought you into Palmetto Physical Medicine? lower back and right
    shoulder neck pain
  • What was the severity of your symptoms from when you first came in, from 1-10? they were a 10 on both
  • How was your problem affecting your daily life? I could not do simple things it would hurt just to tie my shoes
  • What services did you receive at PPM? I had adjustments and massages and did physical therapy work outs and shots to my pained areas
  • What has your overall experience been like at PPM? I had wonderful healing experience here a really great team they worked together to help me get better and its great I really appreciate the care and professionalism every one knows what they are doing I thank them so much for getting me better
  • How has your life changed, since receiving treatment at PPM? I’m more stronger on my
    job and doing work around my house no more aching and paining I can do my jobs and go through my days pain free
  • Would you recommend PPM to your friends and family? yes I would 100% I already try to
    sell them to people all the time