A 58 year-old male patient named Tom came into our office with a complaint of chronic right knee pain. He stated that the problem had been present for about 10 years and that he had already had 2 orthoscopic procedures performed to “clean up” the joint. The surgeries helped temporarily but he stated that the knee pain never truly left him. He had recently been told that he would eventually need a knee replacement, but that he was too young to have one any time soon.

Examination revealed pronation (flat foot) on the right and a high right hip. Although there was no history of significant lower back pain, muscular tension and tenderness was present in the lower back.

Joint Visco Supplementation

Range of motion was significantly decreased in the right knee and multiple orthopedic tests were positive for pain within the knee joint itself. X-rays confirmed moderate joint degeneration of the right knee, 15mm longer right leg, pelvic and lumbar misalignment.

The Solution

Tom was interested in long-term correction for his condition, so our team put together a comprehensive approach to treatment. Tom’s right longer leg had chronically been placing increased pressure on all of the joints of his right leg, hip, and pelvis. We recommended a heel lift for his left shoe to create balance with those pressures. Orthotics were prescribed to correct for the excessive pronation that was also increasing pressure in his right knee. Joint adjustments were prescribed to correct for joints that were misaligned and stuck in Tom’s ankle, knee, hip, and lower back. Rehabilitation exercises were prescribed to help to facilitate and stabilize those changes. Finally, Supartz injections were prescribed for his right knee. These were injections of hyaluronic acid, a natural gel like substance that cushions and lubricates the joint.

Tom felt immediate relief after his first injection and followed through with his prescribed course of care. As his pain decreased, he was able to meet the challenges in his exercise prescription and his strength returned. At the completion of his care, he had returned to full activities with no pain.