Kristin Moseley – Patient Testimonial

//Kristin Moseley – Patient Testimonial
  • What symptoms first brought you into Palmetto Physical Medicine? Knee pain and neck pain
  • What was the severity of your symptoms from when you first came in, from 1-10? Knee -8 Neck -7
  • How was your problem affecting your daily life? I was unable to walk up and down steps without pain, bend or stoop to take care of small kids, etc.
  • What services did you receive at PPM? Adjustments, Physical Therapy, injections, massages and traction
  • What has your overall experience been like at PPM? Great! I have almost no knee pain now and my neck is a lot better. They are also very respectful of my time and get me in and out quickly.
  • How has your life changed, since receiving treatment at PPM? I can now do normal activity without pain and have resumed my workout regimen as well.
  • Would you recommend PPM to your friends and family? Absolutely! They tried several different things until we figured out what worked best for me. They are also very accommodating to a busy schedule.