I came to PPM because I was experiencing a gait disturbance. When I would run or exercise my muscles would not function properly and my low back and hip muscles were not holding my hips in place so that I could run as I was made to run. My muscles in my low back and down my right hip and leg would become tight causing me to compensate on the left side when I would run. This would slow me down and eventually slowed me down enough to where I have not been able to run or exercise in a long time. I gained a lot of weight and lost cardiovascular stamina. Basically, I came to PPM for a hitch in my giddy up.

My symptoms were not severe. I probably would not even put the severity on a numerical scale. The symptoms I had were hindering me from running and exercising properly and effectively. I could not complete a sub 30 minute 3.1 mile run. Every time I exercised I would experience tightness in my low back down the right side of my hip and to my knee. I was becoming increasingly distraught. I stopped running and gained lots of weight because I like to eat. I eat lots of food. I run to offset the caloric intake but since I couldn’t run I packed on the pounds.

At PPM, I received adjustments and massage therapy. My results have been phenomenal. Everyone listened to what I had to say about my reason for coming to them for help. They did not try to make my symptoms something they weren’t. The team developed a plan that would work to fit my best interests for recovery of function in my body. After this plan was developed it was presented to me, and they again listened and heard what I said and needed. The team at PPM made everything possible and supported me through the process and decisions for my care. I love PPM and the people. I feel like I’m 28 and not 38.

I can now run with no gait malfunction or disturbance. I notice that I can and do stretch more often. I stretch more specific muscles in my body. I can play basketball without my hips causing tight leg muscles or a tight low back. I would you recommend PPM to all my friends and family.