I first came into PPM with a nagging lower back pain and neck weakness. I also had spasms in my lower back. My pain was fairly low on the scale of 1-10, maybe a 2. The thing that bothered me most was the feeling that my back couldn’t hold me up. I also I had so much stiffness, I couldn’t bend to tie my shoes. My grandson would ask me to pick him up, and if I did, I knew the next few days would be uncomfortable. I was also unable to do yard work, which I enjoy.

At PPM, I have received a consultation, examination, X-ray, adjustments, ultrasound, exercise therapy, consultation with an OT, a customized program, a back brace and a TENS unit. Everyone has been very professional. They encourage me to press into the program to ensure my progress.

It’s so obvious to me that I’m getting help and healing in everything from how I start the day, to being able to resume some activities that I had abandoned. I would wholeheartedly recommend PPM to my friends and family.