Margaret Quiney – Patient Testimonial

//Margaret Quiney – Patient Testimonial
  • What symptoms first brought you into Palmetto Physical Medicine? Sharp Lower back pain
  • What was the severity of your symptoms from when you first came in, from 1-10? intermittent 8
  • How was your problem affecting your daily life? Very limiting to my daily activities
  • What services did you receive at PPM? Adjustments, Ultrasound, Rehab, injections, massage
  • What has your overall experience been like at PPM? Very positive, very fast symptom relief, speedy recovery and excellent toning/ exercises to strengthen weak areas to prevent future injury/ pain
  • How has your life changed, since receiving treatment at PPM? It has jump started me back to a higher level of mobility and fitness
  • Would you recommend PPM to your friends and family? Absolutely