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Weight loss is often a long list of attempts and failed diets. We want to help change that! Most people that start a weight loss program do not know how to lose the weight safely or effectively.

The first thing many people do is to try and starve themselves, which never works, or they try the latest fad diets. Some people join a gym, only find out there is too much sweat equity involved, and not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of time to lose weight this way, and the less results people see, the less committed they are to the regimen.

Medical weight loss at Palmetto Physical Medicine operates on two fronts. First, we focus on identifying if there are any specific barriers to the patient losing weight (hypothyroid, gut imbalance, toxic load) and correcting those through diet and lifestyle.

Secondly, we will work toward changing the biochemistry of the body to convert it to a fat burning state. This is accomplished by providing the body with injections of weight loss nutrients, mobilizing fat stores using the lipo-laser, facilitating the drainage of toxins and excess fluid using the Hypervibe machine, and encouraging the body to build more fat burning cells through the use of resistance exercise.

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Your doctor may have told you to lose weight, or you yourself may think you need to lose pounds to be healthier. The world of weight loss and nutrition is confusing, and many times patients are not sure what kind of program to follow to find a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Out team will spend time learning about your past medical history, including your weight, and determining if any medical conditions are causing your extra weight. While few patients fit into this category, it is important to get a clean bill of health before starting any new nutrition and exercise regimen.

Nutrition counseling is an ongoing process in which a health professional, usually a registered dietitian, works with an individual to assess his or her usual dietary intake and identify areas where change is needed. The nutrition counselor provides information, educational materials, support, and follow-up to help the individual make and maintain the needed dietary changes.

Palmetto Physical Medicine offers comprehensive nutrition counseling and support services to help patients better understand the impact a healthy diet plays on their overall health.

The growing popularity of the Internet has made finding health information easier and faster. Much of the information on the Internet is valuable; however, the Internet also allows rapid and widespread distribution of false and misleading information. You should carefully consider the source of information you find on the Internet and discuss that information with our team.
A Lipotropic injection contains a solution of lipotropic nutrients that are made up of one or more of the following fat burning compounds: choline, inositol, methionine, amino acids, vitamin b12 and other vitamins and minerals. Each of these properties are important because they each have a key role in utilizing fat, distributing energy, and removing toxins from the body.

Many medical weight loss programs, medical professionals, fitness and health trainers, and nutritionists implement lipotropic shots into their patient’s and client’s health program and routine to aid in losing weight and to provide numerous other benefits that comes from a healthy blast of nutrients.

Vitamin b12 serves many biological purposes including normal blood, brain, heart, and nervous system functions; most importantly, it’s essential for fat metabolism.

Lipo Laser uses low level lasers to target the fat stores in your body. It works to convert these deposits into energy, which is burned off in post-treatment exercise. One major benefit is that it is conducted by a licensed doctor, is approved by the FDA and is a much safer alternative to Liposuction. This weight loss technology delivers a totally new body contouring system and slimming results, in a non-invasive, pain-free and safe way.

*Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical*