• What symptoms first brought you into Palmetto Physical Medicine? Before I visited PPM, I
    was having constant neck pain accompanied by 3-5 headaches a week. On top of that I was experiencing chronic lower back pain and repetitive lower back strains.
  • What was the severity of your symptoms from when you first came in, from 1-10? At worst, my pain would reach all the way to a seven or eight.
  • How was your problem affecting your daily life? I was getting very little sleep and I would
    wakeup in pain. In some instances I would pull my back while sleeping and that kept leading to more problems. I have a very active job and my pain kept me from performing my usual duties.
  • What services did you receive at PPM? While at PPM I received massages, trigger point injections, spinal alignments, and physical therapy.
  • What has your overall experience been like at PPM? I have had a wonderful time here at PPM. Every one of the staff is kind and friendly! I have had top notch care at PPM.
  • How has your life changed, since receiving treatment at PPM? Since receiving treatment
    at PPM, I have gone many days pain free. The combination of care at PPM is the key to my body’s transformation. I no longer have chronic pain! And if there is a day that I am experiencing pain, PPM has given me the tools and the knowledge to combat my symptoms and treat the underlying cause of my pain. I can’t recommend them enough.
  • Would you recommend PPM to your friends and family? I would absolutely recommend PPM to my friends and family. In fact, I’ve already referred one my friends to PPM.