Michael, a 65 year old male presented to our office with a complaint of chronic and worsening hip pain. X-rays revealed advanced degenerative changes in the hip joint itself. The surgeon was advising that the patient wait as long as possible to have the surgery in the hopes that this would be the last surgery necessary on this hip. Our examination revealed a specific pattern of restriction of the hip joint along with significant pattern of dysfunction of the lumbar spine and pelvis. The lumbar and pelvic dysfunction created additional stresses on the hip along with the need for patterns of compensation. The restrictions of the hip itself directly increased pressure within the joint, accelerating joint degeneration.



The Solution

Our team put together a treatment approach that would address all of the factors involved. After completing his treatment plan, the patient was able to return to full activity with only minimal occasional pain. This also postponed the need for surgery, which would lead to better surgical outcome in the future.