Nerve pain, often diagnosed as Peripheral Neuropathy (PN), is typically caused by disease to the nerve endings in your arms and legs. These nerve endings will begin to malfunction and can actually die altogether. The symptoms of it are most commonly felt in the hands and feet, but with time can spread up the extremities.

It is most common in diabetics, but can also be caused by surgery, lifestyle, habitual alcohol consumption, chemotherapy, radiation, long-term vitamin deficiency, or some unknown cause. As of right now there is no general consensus on the best treatment for this disease. We believe that this condition is usually complex, involving multiple contributing factors. Therefore, our treatment approach aims to address your body’s deficiencies and needs, working to reverse the problem at its root cause.

Nerve Pain

Our Approach

The conventional approach to treating nerve pain, is to prescribe something to merely block the pain. These drugs do help many people cope with their symptoms, but can have serious and dangerous side effects.

At Palmetto Physical Medicine we aim to reverse as much of the problem as possible using a state-of-the-art nerve pain treatment. This involves identifying your bodies imbalances/deficiencies, blocking the pain signals, and regenerating new and healthy nerve fibers.

Common Symptoms of Nerve Damage

  • Numbness and tingling
  • Difficulty with balance and coordination of the hands/feet
  • Sharp stabbing pains (like walking on pins/needles)
  • Powerful lightening or shocking sensation
  • Burning and/or freezing pain
  • Loss of sleep due to increased pain at night
  • Hypersensitivity to touch

  • Loss of motivational drive due to consistent pain