Tammy was an extremely talented collegiate volleyball player. She was on a scholarship to a large Division 1 school when she injured her knee. The injury was extensive and involved a complete tear of her ACL and MCL, and partial tears of the medial and lateral meniscus. She saw a top surgeon who was very skilled in repairing these injuries with a surgical procedure.

Unfortunately, one week later, she developed a severe staph infection, which landed her in critical care. Her thoughts shifted from concerns about playing volleyball again to concerns of loosing her leg or even her life.

Stem Cell Knee Injection

One year later, after two more surgeries, Tammy ended up with another infection. Again, the doctors were able to get it under control, but not before her knee had suffered even more damage. At this point, her knee showed significant cartilage damage and was approaching bone on bone.

The Solution

Since knee replacement was not an option for her, Tammy’s doctor recommended Stem Cell Treatment. This procedure involves injecting Stem Cells into the knee joint. Her doctor told her that he had heard of incredible results in this new and cutting edge treatment. Tammy was all for it.

Tammy received her Stem Cell Injection and began another course of physical rehabilitation. After struggling for so long, Tammy was ecstatic that she was actually sprinting on a treadmill within 4 months. Within 1.5 years, she was performing her full workouts, squatting, and playing competitive volleyball again.