I threw my back out and was in excruciating pain! I could not get around very well because of the pain. I could not stand up straight. I had to stay bent over. If I tried to stand up straight, I would go into such horrible spasms! This made it hard for me to do anything. I was
not sleeping either because I could never get my back to quit hurting.

The treatment I have received at Palmetto Physical Medicine has included  trigger point
injections, chiropractor care, physical rehabilitation, and spinal decompression, all of which have helped me tremendously! The staffing is so awesome and caring!

My symptoms have improved tremendously! After treatment here, I can finally do all things that I could not do before. I sleep so much better now that I am not waking up in pain. I can also workout now 3-4 times a week, which I could not do before. I have told several friends and family members about PPM!